I Love Songbird!!

OMG, SongBird stable v.1.0.0 is finally here. I’ve been following them for quite sometimes and I’m so happy that it’s finally here. Now I can officially ditch WMP and iTune!!

Get songbird @ getsongbird.com, you’ll be very happy!!

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Korean drama, not good as it used to be?

Dear Korean Drama Script Writers and Producers,

Please get your head out of your ass and start making more original and addicting dramas.

Please make a real drama people can watch and believe that is it possible in both real life and our fantasy life.

Please stop over exaggerate every emotions and make your actors cry every chance you get.

Please bring more complex story line into your drama as people (or maybe just myself) are (is) tired of watching the same damn story line over and over and over. Rich cocky guy falls in love with a free spirited girl, and his cousin or friend also falls for her. Really!!

Please stop making Historical drama if Ha Ji-won isn’t in it. (okay, maybe this is bias!!)

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Writing Your Resume: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Here are four mistakes that hinder on every resumes I’ve written and read for friends and family.

1. Errors in spelling and punctuation. This is a very comment mistake and also deadly.

Your spell-checker is never, and I repeat never enough. Your must read through your resume for accuracy. Once for missing or extra word, and once more for spelling.

I suggest to print it out and read it out loud, you’ll be amaze to see how many errors you’ll find. Give it to three or five friends and ask them to read it out loud. Listen to where they pause; this could mean you’ve written something confusing.

2. No Object or Summary. By not choosing what you want to do, you are starting off on the wrong foot. Because no employers want to read your resume all the way through to figure out what kind of job is suitable for you. Not a good sign!!

3. Focus on results instead of responsibilities. Many people (myself included) focus on writing about the responsibilities instead of results. It is important to let your employer/read know what you did at each job(s), but it is more important if you spend more time talking about what you have accomplished and how you made yourself valuable to previous employers.

4. Too many big words. People want to be read as an intelligent person by using big words like exorbitance or polysyllabic terminology. In another word, too many big words.

Your resume should be easy to read and to the point. Don’t use big syllable words to confuse your reader because he/she will get bored and your resume will get trashed.

Write as if you are talking to a sixth grader. That’s how the America’s newspapers are doing it, it works great for them and it will for you too.

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PA Screening Process: Fishy!!

So I was browsing the web and some how ended up at PA(PopularAsians). I was reading through the forum and I noticed the big red title “Learn How To Download Here” on their forum index. Clicking on it transfer me to a post which has a link to take me to another post. In this post, it states that all new members who want to access to their “download section” have to provide the following information because of some new law in Hong Kong. The informations required are: Name, Age, Gender, Location, Proof of Identify (myspace, facebook, etc..)

Although the informations are quite personal though they can’t really do anything with it really, but it is still kinda fishy. I don’t know about you but if I have an account there I would delete it immediately if there is an option to do so. The whole point of the internet is for us to be anonymous especially when it comes to websites that allows their members to share infringement contents.

So for “b-lee” to request these informations (listed above) is just too wrong. If you do not know, when you register to become a member of PA, you are already given away two things, your email and ip address. Add that the informations you have to provide to be able to access their download section is dangerous.

Here’s why I think it’s dangerous. If there site is ever under investigation by whomever, they could request court order which demand the site maintainer to give out all its users (you) infos collected. Once the site goes down, so will the many users who are stupid enough to give out these informations. Don’t think that you are any safer just because you’re from another country, you’re not!! So be alert and stay away from PA if you want to download stuff. My guess is that the site maintainer isn’t willing to risk receiving time himself so someone is going to go down with him if the time comes.

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Idols Unlimited -> Dramacrush

Hey everyone,

Danny had set up a new site, he’s calling it “Drama Crush”. The site offers the same content collections as IU did.

So check it out: DramaCrush

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Drupal: Show Stuff To Certain Role

Like this post which showed you show stuff to certain member id or member level in WordPress, you can also achieve this in drupal by using “Role”. In drupal, members are recognized as “Role” where as in WordPress it is recognized as Level.

The snippet is quite simple and easy to understand. So I’m not going to explain into details. Just make sure you have the

global $user;
if (is_array($user->roles) && in_array('role-name', $user->roles))

} ?>

Show Stuff To "role-name"!!

<?php } ?>

Replace role-name with your custom role name and you’re good to go…

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Drupal – Custom Date Snippets

I always hated how drupal group the post author and the date together in one little print function. So after finding out that I could use get_defined_vars() to find all the variables that are available for me to use to further customize the theme I’m working on.

Anyhow, here are the snippets for custom date.

Custom Date For Node

print format_date($node->created, 'custom', 'M d, Y');

Custom Date For Comment

print format_date($comment->timestamp, 'custom', 'M d, Y');

ps – wrap these around the php openning and closing.

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