iPad Awesomeness

I love the iPad. Ever since using my first Acer computer in 1994 and then my first Dell laptop in the late 90s, I always wanted a computing device like the iPad. Although the iPad is lacking in some important features, I find myself not needing or wanting it when using the iPad. People have told me all sort of things about the iPad whenever they see me using it. I told them the most important thing I do on the iPad is studying. Over the past two semesters, I have abandoned my hand written notes and books and use the iPhone to help me study. Since everything is online, I did not feel the need to carry my books with me to the library or a local coffee shop to study. The only subject that still requires pen and paper is math related subject which I only bring pen and paper when practicing the problems. The only real problem studying on the iPhone is that the screen is a little small for reading so I find myself doing a lot of double tapping to zoom in on the contents. Over the past few days, I have used the iPad as a device to me to study and it works wonderfully.

The iPad is not a cheap device so if you want it, you have to find a purpose that’s suitable or justifiable use for yourself. If your purpose is to watch TV shows on hulu then you might want to hold on to that money.

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