Writing Your Resume: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Here are four mistakes that hinder on every resumes I’ve written and read for friends and family.

1. Errors in spelling and punctuation. This is a very comment mistake and also deadly.

Your spell-checker is never, and I repeat never enough. Your must read through your resume for accuracy. Once for missing or extra word, and once more for spelling.

I suggest to print it out and read it out loud, you’ll be amaze to see how many errors you’ll find. Give it to three or five friends and ask them to read it out loud. Listen to where they pause; this could mean you’ve written something confusing.

2. No Object or Summary. By not choosing what you want to do, you are starting off on the wrong foot. Because no employers want to read your resume all the way through to figure out what kind of job is suitable for you. Not a good sign!!

3. Focus on results instead of responsibilities. Many people (myself included) focus on writing about the responsibilities instead of results. It is important to let your employer/read know what you did at each job(s), but it is more important if you spend more time talking about what you have accomplished and how you made yourself valuable to previous employers.

4. Too many big words. People want to be read as an intelligent person by using big words like exorbitance or polysyllabic terminology. In another word, too many big words.

Your resume should be easy to read and to the point. Don’t use big syllable words to confuse your reader because he/she will get bored and your resume will get trashed.

Write as if you are talking to a sixth grader. That’s how the America’s newspapers are doing it, it works great for them and it will for you too.

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