Rant – Drupal Documentation

Warning: this is my rant on the open source software Drupal and the site horrible documentation. So if you’re not interest, you should not read.

Drupal is a great CMS. It has a lot of potential that a designer or a developer can build upon it. I gotta say it, I love Drupal a tad bit more then I do with WordPress.

But for the love of god, could you people at drupal.org please get someone or pay someone to write better documents explaining about your software. If anyone of you spend the time rewrite the so called “Handbook” instead of sitting there saying that there’s no problem with your documentations, there wouldn’t be a bunch of people complaining about it. Seriously!!

Your “handbook” is dead weight as it is not doing a very good job as it should. Informations are not properly grouped by version, level skill, and types.

Stop calling everyone a newbie because you know how to write 3 lines of php. Please, your drupal install looks like every other installs. Pfff…

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2 Responses to Rant – Drupal Documentation

  1. Athan D. says:

    You’re absolutely right!
    I do love Drupal, in many aspects it is better than WordPress or any other CMS/Blog platform. However it lacks good documentation and helpful community.

  2. Curtis G. says:

    I’ve never had any problem figuring out how things work by either by:

    1) searching Google — there are probably hundreds if not thousands of people who have probably blogged about the problem you are having. Google can find them.

    2) using Google to search drupal.org — I can find anything I’ve ever wanted in Drupal documentation this way, and usually learn a half-dozen new things in the process.

    Maybe I would have a better understanding the issue if you could give a specific example of a problem you are trying to solve for which you have not been able to find documentation.

    I think part of the issue is that in Drupal, like in any complex software system, there are at least four different ways to solve the same problem. This makes it impossible to write a handbook that says “The Answer to A is B”. The best you can do is search for the variety of ways that other people have done “A”, and then pick the one that seems to fit your needs the best. When you go with that answer for a while and run into a roadblock, you then switch to the next alternative.

    I suppose that is frustrating for first-time users. But such is the nature of software development. There is not a simple answer for everything. Instead, there are a set of ideas and you have to run with the idea that meets your needs best.

    If you are looking for Drupal that has been reduced the whole product to a simple “The Answer to A is B”, you really need to go with a provider that has stripped down Drupal to provide that simplified environment — somebody like http://www.bryght.com.

    But of course, then you would be giving up the flexibility that is the main reason for Drupal’s success. For a first-time user, a simplified Drupal like the one provided by Bryght will be fine. But eventually you will get to the point where you will say “this is all nice, but I’d rather do it *some other* way”, at which point you will need to use the full Drupal, where there are not always easy answers to every question.

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