Rearranged The Layout

I had a few minutes on my hands today, and decidied to rearrange the layout. Since Danny added the video section to the site, I thought I’d seperate the pictures and the video into different section.

So now on the main page, you’ll see 8 new photos, 3 recent videos, the sidebar, and the footer. Yes, we finally have a footer now!!

Check it out at

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2 Responses to Rearranged The Layout

  1. Sereena says:

    First I just wanted to let you know how well-appreciated your sites are. Thanks a bundle.
    And I was really curious to know what your nationality was so i clicked on your blogs…surprisingly you’re vietnamese but yet nothing in your site is vietnamese! Not a fan of vietnamese entertainment? what a shame, i think you’re missing out!

  2. vietson says:

    Hi Sereena,

    I think you might find it surprisingly that I love Vietnamese Entertainment a lot more than I do compare to Korean, Chinese, Japaneses, American, and so on.

    The only problem is that even though I love it, I don’t have much access to it. Even when I have access to something, its usually hardcoded with their names/groups/sites or they have altered the videos in one way or another.

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