Is Idols Unlimited Really Growing?

Well, what started out was just a website for my liking has now turned into a large scale website where it gets around 7 to 10K visitors every day.

In a sense, I am really proud of idols-unlimited. Seeing it grow from a 100 visitors a day to what it is now is pretty cool.

Currently, even though the design is up and running. I’m still trying to tune out more ideas of how I can improve it from the non-member view to the member view.

A new design might be underway. Well, maybe not a complete new design. Probably a fix up of the current design..

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19 Responses to Is Idols Unlimited Really Growing?

  1. SnoZid says:

    Is the site down or removed can’t access it this morning

  2. pupa says:

    ya, i got the same problem too.
    anyway, i love asian dramas so much. thank you for idols-unlimited. it’s been really helpful as my source for the dramas.
    please get it up and running immediately.
    thanks a lot. i appreciate it. 🙂

  3. zooz says:

    yep yep…still the same error… what would be the problem? thanks!

  4. Sistinas says:

    I couldn’t either T_T , I wonder what happend…

  5. kawaiineemei says:

    we miss u idols-unlimited~!

  6. MicroKiller says:

    wht happen to idols??? is the server down?? oh my .. when will it be back..

  7. Hwang Lee says:

    Noooo this is 1 of the best sites but its gone now, well I herd they are getting new hosts or something like that or changing servers I don’t really know well i hope they fix it a.s.a.p

  8. Hung Le says:

    Hi Vietson,
    I am a new member of idols-unlimited.
    Thank you for a great site that provides Asian dramas, especially Japanese dramas that I love, but am not able to access because I am now living in Australia.
    Thank you. And congratulations to your girl friend on getting into Medicine at the Uni of her choice.
    With my appreciation,
    Hung Le

  9. Bryan says:

    Hey Vietson, keep up the good works man. I love your site, I visit it every single day, I even recommended it to many of my friends too. The site has a really nice design, and source for many Asian movies and dramas….It’s one of the best web on the net…Thanx so much, man…^^

  10. chinuku says:

    idols-unlimited is really growing, i got many good movies and a few dramas from idols-unlimited

  11. Innova says:

    Great site. I like this very much.
    Never got site like this before.

    Since yesterday i got problem to direct access too.
    But I can access with proxy or just type
    I think this is just a temporary domain name problem.

  12. IlMare says:

    I’ve detected the IP Address from PeerGuardian as MediaTemple|Anti-p2p. If I’m correct Idols-Unlimited is being hosted by them. Since it has been blacklisted, I have to enable it from PeerGuardian in order to access the website.

    Just be careful whenever visiting Idols… seems that the website is in constant surveillance.

  13. Jennnnnny says:

    ehhhh, I can’t seem to get on it today ><;;

  14. blue_smurf says:

    I can’t seem to get on idols-unlimited since this morning, I’ve been getting the same IPS driver error. Nande? is it just me or is the server really down?

  15. commonjunks says:

    site is gone for good :(.
    What a lose, is there any other site with similar contents? i use to download a lot of korean movies.

  16. druidsdream says:

    Why oh Why did you disappear? My fun place to go…Not just for the drama but the forums. Sad!

  17. kitkatz23 says:

    RIP idols-unlimited 😦 You will be greatly missed.

  18. ccpc says:

    their competitors get jealous and may be they found a way to shut them down forever now..umummmmm

  19. Q says:

    now!! i can access to idols-unlimited but where is all movies?!??!?!!?

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